Fitness focused, Chef-Designed Meal Plans

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Fitness focused

We've created our program around helping you achieve your goals.

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Our award-winning chefs have created recipes that never compromise on flavor.

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How it works


Decide on a meal plan that suits your needs

Everyone's body is different. Learn more about our different meal plan options to help decide which best fits your needs.


Choose your menu items

Choose as few or as many as you like. There is no commitment but we recommend starting with a minimum of 5 meals per week to see results.


We handle the rest

No prep, cooking or calculating calories! Choose a convenient pick-up location from one of our local gym partners. You'll receive a nutritious and balanced meal. Just reheat and enjoy!

Meals Created by our award-winning chefs

Meet chefs and brothers Matthew and David Medure, founders of Medure Brothers' Culinary Concepts.

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Meal plans designed to help you reach your goals

Created and prepared by our award-winning chefs, these meals are prepared with your goals in mind. Nutrition and taste are always our top priority. We only use the highest quality ingredients. Every meal label includes its ingredients and macros so you always know what you are consuming and can keep your fitness goals on track.

Trim Down


Bulk up

All meals are sold a la cart. There is no minimum purchase required but we recommend committing to 5 - 10 meals per week for 4 weeks to see results.

All meals have the option to be made paleo. Calories and protein will remain the same while your fats and carbs ratio will differ depending on the plan you choose. Paleo plans will be free of any process grains including rice and beans.

Go Paleo

250 - 350 Calories
20 - 25g Protein
15 - 20g Carbs
4 - 5g Fat
Sedentary Lifestyle
Exercise 1 - 3x week

350 - 450 Calories
25 - 30g Protein
20 - 30g Carbs
5 - 7g Fat
Moderately Active
Exercise 3 - 5x week

450+ Calories
35 - 45g Protein
35 - 45g Carbs
7 - 9g Fat
Very Active
Exercise 5 - 7x week

*Nutritional macros are calculated per meal.

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$8 per meal

$9 per meal

$10 per meal

Gym Pick ups

Choose from one of our five local  Jacksonville gym partners. New gyms added regularly.

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